The history of our company began in the fall of 2017. Step by step, we have improved the quality of our products to make our customers happy.
For 4 years in the amber market, our company has earned unconditional trust among wholesale and retail buyers, both in Ukraine and abroad.
We value this trust very much and develop our business so as to correspond to the high quality and status of one of the leaders in the amber industry.

By combining specialists and craftsmen into a single mechanism, we continue to create beautiful products from the sun stone.

We carefully study each material, where the product goes through its interesting path in stages before getting into the hands of the owner.

Every day we try to improve our skills, find new solutions to make our clients happy. Our main goal is to bring as much beauty to this World as possible, to give joy and good mood thanks to our talented team.
Yes, we are still very young, but how many tasks are not yet perfect before us,
how many ideas have not yet been born, but already on the threshold of a new chain in the production of fine products from natural amber.